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Online Personal Training & Fitness Classes For Every Size, Age, Or Ability Level

Hi, I’m Shari.

We are surrounded by messages on social media, TV, and in magazines that we need to exercise in order to shrink our bodies. You see super lean people as an example of what our fitness goals “should” be.

At Iron Clad Fitness, we believe that EVERYONE has the potential to be strong and fit, no matter your size, your age, or your current fitness level.

You do not need to start a fitness program with the goal of losing weight or obtaining some kind of aesthetic you see in the messages that surround you.

The benefits of exercise, particularly strength training, expand far beyond the size of your body.

When you join Iron Clad Fitness for online personal training or fitness classes, you will:

  • Feel empowered and ready to get strong
  • Boost your energy and reduce stress
  • Build strong bones and muscles
  • Mitigate chronic aches and pains and minimize your risk of disease
  • Emerge more resilient and self-sufficient

There is potential lying dormant in each and every one of you. You only need to say YES to starting, and say YES to yourself, to find your true potential. Are you ready to discover your strongest self? Schedule a consultation to find out how our online personal training or fitness classes can help you reach your true potential. 


Around here, Strong Is Not A Size. Whatever your shape, size, age or background, we are committed to YOU as you redefine your fitness beyond what you’ve ever thought possible. Come check out our online small group fitness classes and online personal training or in-person personal training in Denver, CO. What commitment will YOU make?


Precise exercise technique and cutting-edge coaching deliver measurable improvements in how you move and how you feel.


Train online with people who are motivated to get strong, just like you.


Reclaim your health, banish pain and build superior strength and cardio conditioning with kettlebells, dumbbells and your bodyweight.


Our expert coaching will help keep you on track, even when the going gets tough.

How Can I Help You? 

I can help you get fit, strong, and feeling great again. Our live-stream fitness classes and personal training coaching programs allow you to workout at home, but in a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive environment.


Build strength and cardio conditioning with our proven training methods. Learn proper technique for every exercise so you can train safely…

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Shari Wagner is Denver Metro’s kettlebell expert. She has been certified and teaching kettlebells for 14 years. Shari was recognized for her expertise in the Russian style of kettlebell training and was promoted to a Team Leader position with Dragon Door’s prestigious Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification leadership team. She is the only RKC Team Leader and Level 2 certified instructor in the Denver Metro area.





“I had never lifted a kettlebell in my life. Who knew it was a whole-body workout? In a little more than two months, I feel stronger, my energy and stamina are through the roof, I’ve lost over 13 pounds, and I feel well on the way to long-term fitness.”

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“The combination of exercising and controlling blood sugars brings on more challenges to a type 1 diabetic than I will go into detail about here. But a year later in addition to losing weight, I feel less depressed, and I decreased the amount of insulin I have to take on a daily basis…”

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Teresa is strong and fit and she embodies the spirit of Iron Clad

“Teresa is quite the success story, and she is proof that proper technique is key in kettlebell training. Teresa hurt her back several years ago…”
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This is one of the best I’ve worked out at

“As a working professional, I find myself seriously pressed for time…”
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WOW I can move again!

“Starting kettlebell was the best thing I ever did! I am 45 yrs old, overweight and I have MS. The medication and lack of exercise has…”
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Cardio and strength training in one!

“Kettlebell workouts are awesome…cardio and strength training in one!”
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