We interrupt this Adrenal Fatigue series for an important message. Frogs can help your kettlebell training.

No, I haven’t lost my mind with this blog post. If you’ve been in my classes lately, you know that we always do “The Frog” as part of our warmup. This video from Master RKC Jon Engum is what started me on the whole frog drill. I saw it and I knew that everyone, including yours truly, could benefit from adding a hip opening drill to their pre-kettlebell warmup. Well, if I’m anything, I’m honest and I have no problem admitting that watching this again, I realized that I’ve been doing this hip opener a bit incorrectly. Not to say that my inadvertently modified version hasn’t been helpful for opening the hips, but I think performing this opener just like Jon does in the video will help everyone that much more.

Why should you incorporate the Frog Series as part of your kettlebell training warmup? Notice how your body position is very similar to the rock bottom position, or would-be rock bottom position of your goblet or front squat. Many things make for a good squat, but tight hips can be a common culprit in poor squatting form. The hips are obviously very involved in the kettlebell swing, clean or snatch so keeping them mobile can only help with your technique there as well. Additionally, keeping the hips mobile can also keep your spine and shoulders happy. And why would you warm up the rest of your body without working on a very large joint that we use so much in our training?

Try this amazing hip opener series and let me know how Frogs are helping your kettelbell (or other) training.