dream, goal, planAt Iron Clad, we each sit down and set a monthly goal. We then define one habit you can practice that will help you meet this goal. Why do we do this? Why do we care about goal setting? Well, setting goals gives you a vision for the future, be it long term or short term. Goal setting also gives you the motivation to achieve something you want.

Having the goal setting happen with your fitness and/or nutrition coach helps you to have some built-in accountability, which increases your motivation. The way we set goals at Iron Clad, you also end up with some accountability to yourself. Accountability is important because we instinctively don’t want to let down others or ourselves.

We also make sure that your goals are S.M.A.R.T. – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive. All of this helps set you up for success, because that’s really the point of setting goals in the first place, right?     

Kristen set a goal to press the 24 kg kettlebell. She had already been able to press the 20 kg and 22 kg bells, but felt a little stuck there. We defined some things she could focus on in class that would help get her past her sticking point. Working on refining technique in her kettlebell clean was just one of the things we worked on. On her birthday, I designed a workout for the class that incorporated her favorite things; double kettlebells and snatches. I saw how she tightened up her clean when pressing double 20kg kettlebells and thought this could be the day for her to get the 24 kg press. I cued her to clean the 24 kg just like she did the double 20’s and here’s what happened:

Way to go on reaching your goal, Kristen!  You’re living proof that if you want something, you set a goal and work for it. When you work for it, you achieve it. 

Do you set goals for yourself with your fitness, your nutrition or your life? Ask yourself why or why not.