Last year during the holidays you loved the body weight workout I shared, so you could keep up with your fitness anywhere you might find yourself. Here’s a new one for this year!

I have two videos for this one. Part 1 gives some technique tips and shows you each exercise, then part 2 goes through part of the workout so you can see how it’s done.

This is designed as a stack workout, where you add on a new exercise every round. It’s flexible too, because you can do timed circuits or count reps; your choice. I show this in the video with 15 second work sets, resting at the end of each round. But you can alternate work and rest, so that you rest after every exercise as well as after every round. You get to decide!

Here is the layout of the workout as I did it in the video:

  1. :15 Pushups, :15 Rest
  2. :15 Pushups, :15 Squat, :15 Rest
  3. :15 Pushups, :15 Squat, :15 Mountain Climbers, :15 Rest
  4. :15 Pushups, :15 Squat, :15 Mountain Climbers, :15 Alternating Lunge, :15 Rest
  5. :15 Pushups, :15 Squat, :15 Mountain Climbers, :15 Alternating Lunge, :15 Plank variation, :15 Rest

Repeat for as many rounds as you have time and energy.

The plank options I laid out in the video are elbow plank, tall plank, hollow hold, walkouts or spiderman plank. You can either pick one variation to stick with the whole workout or you can mix it up every set. Again, it’s your choice.

Happy Holidays!