Kristen will be celebrating 4 years with Iron Clad on May 15, so she is our member of the month!

Kristen came to Iron Clad having never exercised. She did a little walking, but it didn’t last. She joined a gym, went to an orientation and never went back. She tried one bootcamp class with running and burpees and in her words – never again. Kristen tried kettlebell training and it was love at first swing. She felt strong and capable with kettlebells, immediately. This feeling empowered her to keep coming back for more.

Kristen valued the time we spent building her kettlebell technique and her strength really skyrocketed. She has pressed 24kg, dead lifted 106 kg (2, 48kg’s), snatched the 20kg, did a Turkish Get Up with the 20kg and so much more! I don’t think Kristen realizes how many Iron Clad members she inspires. She embodies the Iron Clad mission of redefining fitness because she has found a strength she never thought possible and she created a new lifestyle that includes fitness.

Last month Kristen took her training commitment to a new level. Not only did she participate in and pass the HKC certification workshop, she also impressed Master RKC Andrea DuCane with how beautifully she moves!

Congratulations and Thank You Kristen!!