The holidays are a special time of year and it reminds me of all the fortunate things in my life. I’m also reminded that there are too many people who may not be able to have presents or a table filled with wonderful food this holiday season.

How would you like to help me do something special for a local family in need?

Our very own Laura works for Aurora Mental Health school-based services. Last year the Aurora Mental Health Center provided Thanksgiving and December Holiday food and gift baskets to 1,463 families! Families are nominated by therapists who know their needs and situations; there are no self-referrals for this program. All families are also checked for income-based eligibility and are not receiving gifts from other programs.

Iron Clad is “adopting” a local family in need who is served by Aurora Mental Health school-based services.

This is a family of 6 – a mom, dad and 4 kids under the age of 12. They are refugees from Nepal; they arrived in May after spending years in refugee camps. All of the family members are involved in mental health treatment from Aurora Mental Health school-based services and refugee clinic. Dad is working, but Mom is unable to work due to mental health issues.

We will provide them with a gift card to King Soopers (and possibly also to Toys R Us or Target), in addition to the holiday baskets from AMHC, to help give this family a holiday they would not otherwise have. If you would like to contribute to the gift card, I will have a collection jar at the gym this week and next. There is no required or minimum donation, simply give what feels good for you.