Kettlebell classes are a high-intensity workout. So naturally an article in the Denver Post titled “When High-Intensity Workouts Cause Harm” caught my eye.

The only link to this article is the original, which the Washington Post published. However, it had a slightly different headline:

There are some points to this article with which I have some issues. The first point of discussion is the original headline in the Washington Post, “As Millennials Flock to High-Intensity Workouts, Hip Pain Follows.” This problem can happen to anyone, at any age; not just millennials! Sure, this therapist saw hip issues primarily in the millennial population, but that doesn’t mean this is an isolated issue. I think the headline, which sounds discriminatory against a subset of our population, overshadows the real takeaway of this article.

The real takeaway from this article is the lack of flexibility and stability in the athletes in which they are seeing hip problems. ANY kind of exercise can cause you harm if you neglect flexibility and stability training. But it’s much easier to place the blame on high-intensity workouts or workouts that use heavy weights. I bet they will find problems in any athlete who neglects flexibility and stability training, no matter their age, no matter their sport or activity of choice.

Obviously, regular exercise is a great thing for the body. But all kinds of training come with inherent risks of injury. Those injury risks increase when you do not properly prepare your body for the workload ahead. Those injury risks also increase when you do not allow your body enough time to properly rest and recover between training sessions, or when you consistently push to the end limits in every workout.

Have you heard the saying, “train smarter, kettlebell_classes_denvernot harder?” If you are neglecting flexibility and stability training, then you are just working harder, not smarter. If you are pushing your body to its limits in every workout then you are just working harder, not smarter. To truly work smarter, you’d invest some time in rest and recovery as well as in your flexibility.

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Rant over.