It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated Kristen as our Member of the Month but some milestones are just too big to pass by. We are now celebrating Kristen’s 5 YEAR anniversary at Iron Clad!

It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to be Kristen’s coach for 5 years. She is my longest-standing client and over the last 5 years, Kristen has never had a break in her membership. We have seen each other through lots of life’s ups and downs during this time together; so much so that it’s kind of hard to find the words to give her a proper celebration.

Kristen is also known for some good one-liners. One of my favorites to this day is “I don’t know why more people don’t do kettlebells!” Then there’s “they are 2 years old” when we celebrate someone’s anniversary. She’s always making me laugh.

Kristen came to Iron Clad with no exercise experience. “I knew I had to include at least one form of exercise in my life. I was first curious about what a kettlebell was, and how you workout with them. I fell in love at first touch. I was instantly comfortable with a bell in my hand, then they added cardio and I was sold.  It also didn’t include anything related to running, burpees or crossfit.” Kristen has stuck with kettlebells because “I feel super strong, which has become more important than being thin. I feel like I can do kettlebells in to my old(er) age.  I also feel like there will always be room for growth, so I’ll never get bored.”

Kristen has become so skilled in her kettlebell practice, and completed the HKC certification last year, just for the personal challenge of it. Kristen has also become SO strong…as you can see from the photo. Those are 2 beasts she’s easily deadlifting! (and holding while I take photos) That’s a 48 kg kettlebell in each hand. She then picked one up with one hand and farmer’s walked it back where it belongs.

I asked Kristen what keeps her at Iron Clad. “I stay because classes stay small, workouts change and teach you ways to target your workouts for different areas of your body. Proper technique and staying healthy is the focus while you build strength and endurance. I like that I can progress in my fitness (and nutrition) goals by being able to attend workshops hosted by ICF.”

Congratulations on this huge milestone, Kristen! You’re never allowed to leave because Iron Clad would never be the same without you!