How about another training lesson from knitting? A woman with red wavy hair wears a green handknit sleeveless dress and stands confidently on a sidewalk in a residential area with a grassy yard and house in the background on a sunny day.

Sometimes you get sidetracked from your goals. That’s okay! Rather than shaming yourself for it, take a good look at that goal to determine if it’s something you still want to achieve. You might decide you don’t want that after all, or you might decide I really do want it. Deciding you do really want that goal can help you get back on track to achieve it.

Take this dress, for example. I bought this Nosy Be yarn from @vikingfiberco 2 years ago, with the plan to make a dress. First I couldn’t decide on a design, and then other things took my attention away from it. Then last year as I was testing the Sweet Paulette Top for @lovelybylee I had a lightbulb moment. That top would be the perfect design to use for the bodice of the dress! I started creating a dress from her pattern, and then I got sidetracked again. Part of that was because I knew I wouldn’t finish the dress during the season I’d wear it. So I set my goal aside. This year, I saw the project on the shelf and took a good look at my goal of creating this dress and I very quickly decided yes, I still wanted to make this. Like, really wanted it. So I picked it back up.

I got real with myself about the goal, knowing it was going to take a lot of time to achieve. I worked on it gradually, with the intent of seeing small but steady progress. I kept at it little by little, and then lo and behold, before I knew it I had a dress!

And you know what? If I had decided that this goal was not realistic for me right now (or at all) or that I no longer wanted to achieve this goal, that would have been a-okay too! (though I’m really glad I didn’t choose that because I love the way this turned out!!)