Corporate Wellness

Iron Clad Fitness is a premier provider of corporate wellness programs, with over 9 years of experience in on-site and online fitness programs and a proven track record of success. We offer personal training and group fitness classes, at your location or online, to companies who value their employees’ health while driving down the cost of health care to both the employee and employer.

Whether it’s an hour at lunchtime, a mid-day break, or before work hours, workplace fitness classes enhance employee satisfaction by directly addressing three of the leading causes of employee absenteeism and reduced productivity: back pain, stress, and fatigue.

Programs are created to encompass all levels of fitness and encourage employees to build a supportive atmosphere while engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Iron Clad Fitness specializes in kettlebell, bodyweight, mobility training, and/or TRX Suspension training methods. These unique training methods provide unparalleled results in strength building and improving joint function. We teach and emphasize proper technique at all times which reduces the risk of injury. We also offer other wellness services such as personal training, nutrition coaching, and much more.

Iron Clad Fitness can help implement these programs for you and your business. Integrating fitness classes into an organization’s wellness program is a low-cost, preventive and effective healthcare measure that is easy to implement.

A win-win all around, corporate wellness training is imperative for the modern day office to guarantee ultimate productivity and a workforce that’s fit and healthy enough to tackle any challenge that comes their way.