Reps 4 Resilience – a FUNdraiser to benefit Resilient Futures

Saturday, October 13 at 10:00 AM

Our very own Laura McArthur recently co-founded the 501c3 non-profit Resilient Futures with 2 of her colleagues and we can’t be more proud of her for taking this big leap! We are showing our support by helping them raise much-needed funds for their programs. 

Event Details:

  • $15 discounted registration through 9/21/18
  • $20 registration from 9/22/18 – 10/12/18
  • Raise $50 or more and get an event t-shirt
  • 10 AM start time
  • 5 different fitness events; participate in one or more events, or all of them.
  • Tons of great prizes lined up:
    • Grand Prize to the person who raises the most money for Resilient Futures
    • We will have a variety of other prizes, awarded for a variety of other categories!
  • Silent auction, Food and lots of FUN
  • ALL proceeds go directly to Resilient Futures


About Resilient Futures:

The problem of unaddressed trauma in Colorado is significant. In 2015, there were 81,328 total referrals for child abuse and neglect, and research shows that many children’s experiences of abuse and neglect go unreported. Over 10,000 of these reports were found to be substantiated cases of abuse and neglect.

Resilient Futures transforms experiences of trauma into opportunities for resilience and growth through a variety of specialized training programs. Resilient Futures understands that many of the behavioral symptoms seen in youth are a direct result of coping with adverse experiences. What are often identified as maladaptive behaviors are really misapplied survival skills. When schools understand the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior, development, social-emotional skills, and readiness for learning, they can actively work to address these needs and promote student success.

A note from Laura:

“I had been working in the field of trauma and schools for about 5 years when I started working out at Iron Clad Fitness. We know that exercise and physical health is key to mental well-being and after years of preaching this research, I decided to get serious about practicing what I preach. I came to Iron Clad with no knowledge of kettlebells and a history of running long distances and doing zumba classes – i.e. no strength training. What I found very quickly is that many of the experiences I was having due to working with trauma on a regular basis (anxiety, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, etc) changed significantly after I started working out at Shari’s gym. I began sleeping better, feeling mentally and physically stronger, and having more to offer to my clients, colleagues, friends, and family. Pushing my body physically also allows me to practice mindfulness (hard to focus on something else when you’re lifting heavy weights). In addition, I’ve built great relationships with others at the gym and social interaction is another element of building resilience in the face of stress and trauma! I’m so grateful for this collaborative, community fundraiser where we can all get some physical activity as well as raise money for the important work schools are doing to better support their staff, students, and families in communities impacted by trauma.”

Let’s come together to support one of our own! Don’t forget to recruit a friend or family member(s) to join you! You might just win a prize for it.