Hip Hop Happy Hour Yoga

Friday, July 27

Class begins promptly at 5:00 pm

Please join me on Friday, July 27 at 5:00 pm for a special “yoga” happy hour class. I put yoga in quotation marks for a reason, because this isn’t your average yoga class. Leah Farda will lead us through her unique style of yoga – it’s very active and set to hip-hop and other upbeat music! For any of you who have said that you don’t like yoga because it’s too slow or too boring, then you MUST give this class a try!

Please make sure to sign up as usual, but it’s also FREE, so bring a friend! And please plan to stay after class for a glass of wine. I told you this isn’t your ordinary yoga class!

This class is a trial for a potential new offering at Iron Clad, so stay tuned for more details!

About Leah 

Chronic pain from running and recreational “competitions” brought Leah to yoga almost 20 years ago. Forget your idea of a typical yoga class. In Leah’s classes, you can expect a upbeat music, challenging poses, cueing for a variety of levels, encouragement to push past perceived limits and lots of energy and fun! Her goal is to infuse breathing and basic yoga philosophy into a fun, upbeat, physically challenging workout to bring together a full mind-body experience.

Leah’s passion for helping others build confidence and self-love has been the common thread throughout her life.  As a former educator, current mother and coach’s wife, Leah has dedicated her life to encouraging and inspiring others to be courageous, authentic, and present. Her purpose as a yoga instructor is to help you find health, peace, love, strength, and balance both on your mat and in your life so that you can bring the fullest expression of yourself to the world around you.  Only when we are balanced and full of love can we hope to make the biggest impact in the world around us.