Challenge begins Friday, September 1

Three cheers for Squat-ember! Squats! Squats! Squats! 

Participating in this challenge will require you to post progress videos or photos in a secret Facebook group; just one per week. Please sign up with the email you use on your Facebook profile so we can add you to the group. 

This ain’t your standard workout challenge, though.

This one will focus on improving the QUALITY of our squats through some specific mobility and technique drills. There will be some squatting involved in every training session but the focus is on the technique and quality of movement, not on doing tons of reps.

We were literally born to squat. It’s a primal movement pattern but it is also a use-it or-lose-it proposition. Let’s help you find it again! (or improve it if you have it)

The challenge begins Friday, September 1 and lasts all month. All “workouts” are only 15-30 minutes and everything you need to know will be delivered to your inbox each week. (Please make sure is on your safe sender’s list!) 

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Squat-ember Challenge

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