Personal Training Options

No matter what your goals are, personal training is just that…personal. You get your trainer’s full attention so that we can help you get the most out of your fitness program.

Online Personal Training

Online personal training gives you all the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but it’s more cost-effective because you train on your own schedule.

  • Workouts are tailor-made for you and your goals
  • A comprehensive, progressive program with personalized coaching
  • Train with kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight, barbells, or any equipment you have access to.
  • Training sessions are designed to suit your time needs and fitness goals
  • Receive all the benefits of 1:1 personal training, but all on your own schedule
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Online Personal Training is best for you if:

  • You are motivated to train on your own
  • You want time convenience
  • You like accessible pricing

1:1 Personal Training

Live personal training sessions are the best way to get coaching on proper exercise technique.

  • Real-time coaching
  • Either in person in my home studio or on Zoom
  • Zoom sessions are recorded for future access
  • Use 1:1 sessions as a stand-alone service, or in conjunction with our monthly online personal training program or kettlebell classes.

1:1 Personal Training is best for you if:

  • You need the accountability of having an appointment
  • You perform best when you get technique feedback in real time
  • You want an added layer of coaching to a monthly program