30-Day Press Through Program




There is just something about pushing a heavy weight overhead that is so empowering and makes you feel like you can take on anything.

The symbolic nature of feeling like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders, and being to lift it off when you want and need to. Feeling like it doesn’t weigh you down because you are in control and can press it up and off you.

This program will help you get a stronger military press, but the cornerstone of these 30-Day programs is always improving your technique and your mobility so that you CAN get stronger. We don’t just do mindless reps for the sake of doing reps. The focus is ALWAYS on improvement.

Results you might get from doing the 31-Day Press Through Challenge:

  • Stronger shoulders, core, and back
  • Core and shoulder stability
  • Better posture
  • Better joint mobility
  • Stress reduction
  • More confidence
  • Sense of empowerment
What you get with this program:
  • Quick daily workouts for 30 days (10-15 min each) with instructions on how to do each workout
  • Daily strength, stability and mobility exercises to help you improve your Military Press technique, posture, and strength
  • Technique videos for every exercise prescribed for each day’s workout
  • Instructions to modify things if you aren’t yet ready for the progressions
  • Ways to measure your progress
  • Lifetime access to the program

**You will have access to the program within 12 hours of purchase, if not sooner.

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