Barbara R’s Success Story

WOW I can move again!

“Starting kettlebell was the best thing I ever did! I am 45 yrs old, overweight and I have MS. The medication and lack of exercise has caused me to gain weight. MS has made it very difficult to perform daily tasks. Shari slowly started incorporating some changes in my eating and encouraged me to start slowly with kettlebell classes.

At first it was exhausting and I thought I would never make it. After a few more changes in my eating, I started gaining more energy and kettlebell classes started getting easier. I was performing daily chores again and staying up later. Shari had me fill out a food journal and commented on how I could improve. Not only have I lost weight and body fat, I have gained muscle.

WOW I can move again! Working with kettlebells has a great impact at a low impact effort. I am feeling and moving better and my husband is noticing me again. Shari is an exceptional trainer; she goes over and beyond what most trainers will.”