Beth S’s Success Story

I feel well on the way to long-term fitness

“When I first met Shari, I had just found my biological family and learned that I’m genetically predisposed to mobility issues. It had been several years since I had been committed to any kind of fitness program and my wakeup call had arrived!

I had never lifted a kettlebell in my life. Who knew it was a whole body workout? In a little more than two months, I feel stronger, my energy and stamina are through the roof, I’ve lost over 13 pounds, and I feel well on the way to long-term fitness.

Class sizes are small enough that it feels like having a personal trainer. Shari has an eagle eye and makes sure I’m doing everything with proper form. She has also been excellent about demonstrating any modifications needed for my specific issues. The classes are fun, the gym is well equipped, and Shari is an expert and a professional! When the student is ready the teacher will appear; I’m so glad I met Shari and gave this a shot.”