Paige L’s Success Story

Here’s to another great year.

One year ago, my friend Robin motivated me to join her in at our friend Shari Wagner’s gym, Iron Clad Fitness. It was about supporting two wonderful friends and maybe being motivated to establish an exercise routine. A year later, I reached that goal and more.

The combination of exercising and controlling blood sugars brings on more challenges to a type 1 diabetic than I will go into detail about here. But a year later in addition to losing weight, I feel less depressed, and I decreased the amount of insulin I have to take on a daily basis. I don’t lose my breath going up and down my stairs to bed, or walking my dogs. When I show people my driver’s license, they don’t really think it is a picture of me. In ways, I look and feel as I did when I was in college before I was diagnosed.

My relationship with my workout buddy and trainer has grown. And I work out with a lot of new friends at Iron Clad Fitness. Here’s to another great year. Thanks Shari and Robyn.