Owner & Head Coach

Shari Wagner is the most experienced kettlebell instructor in the Denver Metro area. Shari was recognized for her expertise in the Russian style of kettlebell training and was promoted to a Team Leader position with Dragon Door’s prestigious Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification leadership team. She is the only RKC Team Leader and Level 2 certified instructor in the Denver Metro area.

Shari founded Iron Clad Fitness in 2009 with the mission to redefine fitness by helping people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Through kettlebells Shari gained control over PCOS, eliminated chronic neck, back and knee pain, and reversed Osteopenia in her spine. At Iron Clad Fitness, Shari inspires and supports members to reclaim their health, banish physical pain and build strength beyond what they think is possible.

“I didn’t grow up playing sports and I was never good at them. The word athlete didn’t exist in my life. I didn’t play on the monkey bars, or throw balls around in the yard. I was a skinny, weak and clumsy kid. I would dabble in exercise here and there and I always found myself more drawn to strength training, yet I had no actual strength. I was very sporadic with my training out of boredom and stagnation.

In my mid twenties and I found myself struggling to keep off a pesky 10 or 15 pounds. By the time I was 32, that pesky 10-15 pounds suddenly became more than 40 pounds. Just a few months after this photo was taken, I was busting out of my biggest clothes when I finally took a look in the mirror and wondered how the heck I got here. I decided it was time to make a change.

Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I changed my eating habits to help manage my PCOS symptoms and by the time we rang in 2001, I was thin again. However, I continued my habits of sporadic training and I was plagued with chronic neck and back pain from multiple disc herniations as well as chronic knee pain. I was also diagnosed with Osteopenia (low bone density).

Fast forward to 2007 – Enter The Kettlebell

Everything changed when I discovered kettlebells. I was having fun practicing my kettlebell technique while getting a great workout, and I wasn’t getting bored or stagnating. I was lifting weights I never thought possible and building strength I didn’t know I had. Kettlebells were reshaping my body and my life. I saw a strong and muscular new physique emerge before my very eyes. My chronic neck, back and knee pain seemed to magically fall by the wayside and many of my PCOS symptoms became more manageable. My bone density numbers started rising instead of falling, which meant I was building bone instead of losing bone. Within a few years, the osteopenia in my spine was reversed.

I became a better cyclist, finally completing the Bike MS 150 mile 2-day bike tour, with NO knee or back pain and very little on-the-bike training! I tried snowboarding for the first time. I bent a bolt. I did my first pull up. I went rock climbing. I completed a sprint triathlon, again with very little tri-specific training. I found that I was becoming more adventurous and willing to try new physical activities because I finally had confidence in my physical abilities and control over my body. I finally realized that I am an athlete.

My life was improving so greatly, I decided that I had to share these amazing tools with others. It takes time, passion and dedication to become a Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor (RKC). I decided to become an RKC instructor so that I could help others reach their strength and fitness goals, find their inner athlete and become Iron Clad.”


RKC TL – Promoted to Team Leader, RKC Leadership Team, January 2016
RKC II – Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor, April 2014
RKC – Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor, April 2009, October 2010, September 2012, October 2013
PN Level 2 Coach – Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach, July 2015
PN Level 1 Coach – Precision Nutrition Coach, Level 1 November 2012, November 2014
CK-FMS – Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist, October 2010
TRX-STC – TRX Suspension Trainer, March 2010
CPR & First Aid, August 2012, February 2018