Gorilla Squat Challenge

Starts Monday, July 20 – Register Below

Have you ever noticed how well gorillas can squat? Textbook! Back straight, hips open, not leaning over, and able to hang out there, relaxed, for a long time.

Think you can’t squat like that? Think again!

We were, quite literally, born to squat this way. Look at any baby for proof.

“Who cares if I can squat like this?”

I hope you do! Squatting is a fundamental, functional movement pattern. At it’s most basic, it’s how we get in and out of a chair or crouch down to pick things up or play with our kids and grandkids.

A gorilla squat utilizes all of the following components:
  • spinal, hip and ankle mobility
  • core, leg, glute and back strength
  • hamstring, calves, hip and back flexibility

Over time, life basically robs us of this natural ability. From about the age of 5, we are seated at a desk and most of us end up spending the majority of the rest of our lives there. Sitting shortens and weakens the hip flexors in the front of our hips and subsequently, the glute muscles become lengthened which compromises their ability to activate. Tight hip flexors and weak glutes are a major contributor to lower back problems. That’s just the effect on the lower body!

Sitting can also shorten the pec muscles in our chest which lengthens the lat muscles in our back, causing a forward rounded posture. On top of that, sitting can weaken the back and abdominal muscles. This creates poor posture and lots of dysfunction in the body.

All of this makes us unable to squat like we naturally did when we were babies or like those adult gorillas do their whole life.

Unless you work on it. Like in our newest 30-Day challenge.

Results you might get from doing the 30-Day Gorilla Squat Challenge:
  • Better posture
  • Stronger glutes and hip flexors
  • Stronger, smoother squats
  • Ability to do more repetitions and advanced squat variations
  • More confidence
  • Sense of accomplishment
What you get with this challenge:
  • Quick daily workouts for 30 days (10-15 min each)
  • Daily mobility drills to help you improve your squat technique, posture, strength and flexibility
  • Technique videos for every exercise prescribed for each day’s workout
  • Instructions to modify things if you aren’t yet ready for the progressions
  • Ways to measure your progress
  • Daily accountability and support
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • and more! (I’ve been known to throw some personalized coaching into these challenges)
Equipment you need to do this challenge:
  • Your body
  • Some dumbbells or kettlebells (nothing crazy in terms of weight)
  • Yoga blocks or something that can serve as a substitute, like books
  • Yoga mat or some kind of softer surface
  • 2×4 or something you can put under your heels, like books or a folded yoga mat
The cost:

***Pay What You Can***

I am using a “Pay What You Can” model. That means just name a fair price and you’re in the 30 Day Challenge.

The 30-Day Gorilla Squat challenge starts on Monday, July 20. Registration closes at 7 pm on Friday, July 17.

Here are some comments from participants of our recent 30-Day Core Strength Challenge:
“The videos are GREAT!”
“I feel like everything is getting stronger”
“I’ve really enjoyed this program, I felt like it started challenging but with modifications that made it realistic, then offered plenty of ways to turn up the heat as we moved along.”
“Am thankful for you & your willingness to share your knowledge & expertise!!”
“Great directions & visual.”
“It feels great doing something just for me, and I know I am stronger.  Thank you so much Shari for sharing your expertise with us!”

Gorilla Squat Challenge