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Shari Wagner is Denver Metro’s most experienced kettlebell instructor, teaching people from all walks of life for over 14 years. Shari was recognized for her expertise in the Russian style of kettlebell training and was promoted to a Team Leader position with Dragon Door’s prestigious Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification leadership team. She is the only RKC Team Leader and Level 2 certified instructor in the Denver Metro area.


Shari founded Iron Clad Fitness in 2009 with the mission to redefine fitness by helping people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Through kettlebells, Shari gained control over PCOS, eliminated chronic neck, back, and knee pain, and reversed Osteopenia in her spine. At Iron Clad Fitness, Shari inspires and supports members to reclaim their health, banish physical pain, build strength beyond what they think is possible, and discover their true potential.