The Kettlebell Foundation Online Training Program

An Online Kettlebell Course

Starts Monday, July 1, 2019

Registration closes Friday, June 28, 2019

“I totally benefitted from your coaching! A few little things to tweak my form and it totally made a difference! It really helped to have you watch me and coach me!! Thank you!” ~ Debbie P.

The Kettlebell Foundation is an at-home, beginner kettlebell program. The Kettlebell Foundation is like nothing else out there. I have created a 6-week online training program that includes step-by-step instructional videos and follow-along workout videos that teach you some of the foundational exercises in the Russian Hardstyle of kettlebell training, along with personalized coaching via a secret Facebook group to suit your specific needs and video technique review to help you find the best success with your kettlebell journey.

If you’ve never used a kettlebell before, then this program is for you! This program is also for you if you have never had any formal instruction from a kettlebell expert.

You don’t even have to leave the privacy of your own home because all you need is one kettlebell, a small amount of space and a way to record videos. So if going to the gym just isn’t your thing, then you are going to love this program.

Check out some of the benefits of training with kettlebells:

  • Strengthens the posterior chain of the body; back, butt, hamstrings, calves
  • No-impact exercises are gentle on the joints and back
  • Kettlebell training uses compound movements for a full-body workout
  • Kettlebells combine cardio and strength training in every workout so you spend less time working out, with better results
  • When done properly, kettlebells forge a strong back and core
  • Kettlebell training has been proven to improve performance in other sports and activities such as running, cycling, hiking, golfing, tennis and more.

“I just want to say thank you for the six week program. I truly have felt a difference. I can tell my spine alignment and posture is way better. I had a photo taken last week in a sleeveless shirt and was amazed at the definition my arms had. I truly enjoyed it and can see the benefits.”  ~ Lisa R. 

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Over the course of 6 weeks, I will take you through the program with instructional videos and follow-along workout videos that teach you proper technique in some of the foundational exercises in the Russian Hardstyle of kettlebell training.

I teach you step-by-step, just as I do with my in-person students. You will learn all of the steps that create a safe, effective and powerful kettlebell Swing, Turkish Get Up, Squat and more. By the end of the 6-week course, you will have a solid foundation of technique and strength from which you can build your kettlebell practice.

This course is designed to use just 1 kettlebell so that you can get started with minimal equipment. Most women will start with a 10 kg or 12 kg kettlebell and most men with start with a 16 kg or 20 kg kettlebell. If you have any questions about what size kettlebell is appropriate for you, please send me an email at

The Kettlebell Foundation includes  4 or 5 days of training each week; one day dedicated to practicing the technique videos, 3 workouts that utilize the techniques you’ve learned and 1 bonus day with a body weight workout. Each workout is roughly 45 minutes and you are provided with some options on each video to scale the workouts to your ability level.

Here is a quick rundown of what’s included in The Kettlebell Foundation Program:

  • Instructional videos for each exercise, to help you move safely and effectively in each of the movements
  • 24 Full-length, follow-along workout videos; each 45 minutes or less, with additional technique cues and reminders
  • A handy PDF with directions for each workout and links to each video so there is no guesswork about what you are doing, or if you want to simply do the workouts on your own without following the videos
  • Lifetime access to the program, including any updates
  • The secret sauce >> 6 weeks of personalized coaching via a secret Facebook community, to help you improve your technique, answer any questions and serve as a support system from others just like you
  • Video technique review
  • Additional technique tips
  • Coaching, guidance, and support to help you stay motivated and on track through the 6-week program
  • It’s like a fun group class, happening in the privacy of your own home

Learning proper technique in kettlebell training, or in any kind of weight lifting, can really be the one thing that makes the difference in the results you see. Any method of exercise comes with inherent risks of injury, but practicing proper technique, being mindful of your movements and getting proper instruction can help lower that risk.

“I love the way you teach, Shari. The reminders about proper technique are great! Everything was very easy to understand and I can’t wait to do the next workout!”  ~ Deb B.

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During the checkout process, you will need to create a password so that you can access your program content. Your username and access to the program will be emailed to you after your purchase is complete.

My Story

When I had my first kettlebell lesson 10 years ago, I had no idea how this strange looking weight, this hunk of iron, would literally change my entire life. I certainly had no idea that I’d end up here, trying to help others make changes to their lives. 

I simply wanted to find a way to strengthen my quads and glutes to help overcome a pesky knee problem. I honestly wasn’t hooked immediately, but I was definitely intrigued by all the ways this method of exercise was different from everything I tried before. I was intrigued enough to keep going week after week, then month after month. Within the first few months, I started to realize that I can be strong. I also found that for the first time in my life, I was actually good at something physical.

A few years before I found kettlebells I was diagnosed with osteopenia. Going to the gym bored me and I never stuck with it, even though resistance training strengthens our bones. I now had something I enjoyed that would help me in this way too. Training with this ball of iron ended up reversing most of the osteopenia in my body!

Months later I also realized this was the first time a new workout program didn’t totally lock up my neck. Turns out that learning proper exercise technique and how to harness the power of my lat muscles made the difference and prevented me from having neck and back pain!

Within the first year or so, I was getting more physically adventurous. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened. I found that I was good at other things I would have never tried before, and when people told me I was athletic, it was the biggest compliment to me. (still is) If I could go back to high school gym class I bet they wouldn’t pick me last on their team anymore!

When I walked into that first lesson, I had an initial aesthetic goal but I never intended to put on more than 10 lbs of strong, functional, lean muscle. I got fired up by becoming strong and felt so empowered by lifting heavy weights, and poof – it just happened. Then I realized that another nice side effect was that my PCOS symptoms were getting better too!

When I walked into that first lesson, I never intended to live a new lifestyle of physical activity and good health. But all of the gains I saw made me want more. Kettlebells became the gateway for me to get my nutrition certification, since good nutrition supports physically active endeavors.

When I walked into that first lesson, I never intended to make this my new career. I wasn’t happy in my old career, but becoming a coach in a strength and nutrition modality wasn’t on my radar. But then I realized that I was good at this and that I can help others find this same power within them!

It may sound extreme to you when I say that I owe my life to kettlebells, but in many ways, it truly feels like that. I shudder to think about where I’d be today had I never become fit and healthy. I envision still being stuck in a career that gave me no purpose and no longer made me happy. I envision having a broken, painful body, and feeling miserable physically and emotionally.

If you are struggling in any kind of similar way, I’d love to help show you how kettlebells can make a change in your life as it did mine.

For years I was only able to help people who were local to me in Denver, CO. I have now come up with an online system to teach people all over the globe the foundations of kettlebell training and help you discover the powerful benefits of training with kettlebells. So it’s no surprise that I’ve named this program Kettlebell Foundation.

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