Nutrition and Fitness Audit

Do you need some guidance on how you can make some simple changes to jump-start your nutrition and fitness goals? Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, performance or maintenance, often a few small tweaks can produce big results.

Once you purchase the Nutrition Audit, you’ll send me a detailed food journal of your current nutrition intake along with a training journal that details your current workouts. I will review your journals and then I will teach you some simple but actionable ways you can make improvements to your nutrition and fitness plan to help you meet your goals faster. Following your nutrition audit, I will provide you with a 2 week meal plan and a sample workout that you can follow to help you easily implement these changes into your daily life.

You will receive:

  • A complete review of your training journal, food journal, and nutrition habits
  • A 30-minute call (phone or Skype) to discuss your action plan
  • A written step-by-step synopsis of your action plan
  • 2 week meal plan
  • Sample workout

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