Adam K’s Success Story

Lost over 4 inches in the first month

“Since starting my workouts at Iron Clad Fitness, I’ve lost 4 and 1/2 inches and continue to get stronger with every workout!

I haven’t done a lot of heavy weight training so the first day I stepped foot into Iron Clad I was nervous at the size of some of the kettlebells. Thanks to the classes and learning proper technique, I’m now able to swing a 48kg kettlebell, or as it’s affectionately known “the beast”, and can deadlift two 48kg kettlebells. I’ve started learning more advanced techniques within the swing and can now do hand to hand swings where you transfer the weight from one arm to another at the height of the swing. These are all things I couldn’t imagine myself being able to do in such a short time.

Shari has also been helping me with her habit based nutrition coaching. Anytime I tried to “diet” in the past I would last a couple of weeks restricting myself but then, eventually would fall off and revert back to whatever I was doing before. They say it can take 30 days to make things a habit, Shari is helping me make slight changes to my diet, one at a time, so that they stick and won’t just be tossed aside.”