I had the pleasure of attending the Double Trouble workshop this past weekend in San Deigo, with RKC Team Leader Franz Snideman and Senior RKC Geoff Neupert. One of our topics over lunch was about nutrition and self sabotage. Franz used an analogy that I will never forget.

If you get a flat tire, do you think “what’s the use” and then go and slash the other 3? No! (well, hopefully not) You fix the one and move along on your merry way. Why then, do we slash all 4 of our nutrition and fitness tires when we have only one flat? Add to that the guilt that we then inflict on ourselves afterwards and it’s a recipe for disaster. I certainly have done this to myself many times over. However, there is hope!

Since I found kettlebells, even if I do slash my tires, I quickly re-inflate all 4 and head back on my path to health, strength and well being. Sure, I still suffer from the guilt that comes along with it but I’m working on that too. A perfect example of this was when I was travelling for this workshop.

When presented with some yummy treats to indulge in, I decided that one small piece wasn’t going to kill me. Combine the vacation mentality with hormonal fluctuations and one taste quickly spiraled into 4 flat tires. I was even joking about it, saying that since I had one flat I might as well stick a knife in the other 3…as I was asking my friend to pass me the bag of brownies.

However when Monday rolled around and it was time to go home, I decided it was back to business and I got back on track without a blink of the eye.

Thank you Franz and Geoff for all your words of sense because for the first time I didn’t have a shred of guilt about having slashed all my tires! Now I’m certainly not advocating this to all of you, I’m simply trying to make a point. If you suffer from one flat tire, fix it. Simple enough, right?

Just ditch the guilt, praise yourself for all the hard work you have already committed to your health and fitness and continue forward on your path. If you suffer from 2, 3 or 4 flat tires, all hope is NOT lost. You can still fix all your flat tires in the same manner as the one flat. Sure, it might take a little longer than if you only had one flat. But you have already made the commitment to your path; you just pulled over to the shoulder for a little longer than you hoped. Get back on that road…and don’t forget to be proud of yourself for doing so!