1. Exercises like the kettlebell swing, squat and dead lift build strong glutes and hamstrings

  • Strong glutes and hamstrings help balance your cycling stroke, making the upward portion of the stroke much stronger, with less stress on the hip flexors
  • A strong posterior chain will help your overall athleticism and help you move more fluidly
  • Strong glutes and hamstrings will help you climb faster and more effortlessly

2. Forge a strong core and back

  • Our classes will teach you how to engage and use your lats and abdominals, which give you a very strong back
  • A strong core and back = a much more comfortable ride

3. Build cardio conditioning and endurance

  • The kettlebell swing and snatch will raise your heart rate faster than any other cardio exercise
  • Classes use High Intensity Interval Training methods

4. Our Functional Movement Screen will discover and remove your “weak link”

  • You may not know it now, but you have a weak link. Whether it’s something that’s been plaguing you or something you haven’t seen yet, your weak link leaves you at a higher risk for injury.
  • We will find your weak link and give you personalized corrective exercises that will help you move better and reduce your injury risk.
  • When we move better, without pain or restriction, our bodies are no longer in a constant state of stress and we use our bodies more efficiently.

5. We’re convenient

  • Iron Clad classes combine strength training and cardio conditioning for a quick and effective workout.
  • For the busy person who has been trying to fit strength training into his or her routine, classes are just 30 – 45 minutes and give you a big bang for your buck.