I hope you’ve been making and keeping your promises to yourself. But if you’ve had any setbacks then you must read this week’s 3rd secret.

Learning to Fall Without Failing is a crucial component in the transformation process.

If you’d like to review; you can read Secret #1 and Secret #2.

Fall WITHOUT Failing. What on earth does that mean, anyway? Simply put, it’s giving yourself permission to be less than perfect, to be human and make mistakes, but learning how to move forward without the shame that is so often associated with a setback.

That one tiny letter of difference between falling and failing is very big. When we fall down, what do we do? We get up, brush ourselves off and move on. When we think we have failed, we usually do the opposite. We beat ourselves down, sometimes to the point where it’s really hard to get back up and move forward.

“We only fail when we lose belief…give up…stop trying.”

In Choose More, Lose More Chris Powell provides 3 steps to prevent your falls from turning into failures.

1. Courage To Confess
Get that emotional weight off your chest. Walk right over to a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and confess to yourself that you broke a promise you made to yourself or fell short of a goal. Next, confess to someone else. Saying it out loud, to another person makes your confession that much more powerful.

This is not an easy thing to do but it’s a crucial part of helping you forgive yourself and become free of shame and regret. “When you confess, to yourself and to another person, you take back control of your life. What you lost when you fell comes back to you.”

2. Reach Down And Reassess
Take a look at why you broke your promises to yourself. Did something unexpected come up that you weren’t prepared to deal with? Was your promise too big to handle all at once? “If you reassess and revise your goals, you’ll know that you can reach them, and you will reach them, and you’ll believe in yourself again.” An easy way to help is to always set goals that are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Sensitive.

3. Rise Up And Recommit
“Toughen your commitment by declaring your promises and goals.Say them out loud. Write them down. Announce them to people that you love and trust. Declaring your commitment makes it rock-solid.” Know that even while you’ve set SMART goals, you are human and you will have a fall now and then. But IT’S OKAY. You now have the self-confidence to rise up every time and forge ahead.

Next week will wrap up this 4-part series with learning how to Unite. And it will be just in time for the season premier of Chris Powell’s show Extreme Weight Loss! Set your DVR for ABC next Tuesday, May 27 at 7 pm.