It’s time for the 4th and final secret to transformation…Unite.

In case you missed any of the previous secrets, you can find them here.

Chris Powell’s 4th and final secret is to Unite. Find strength in numbers and choose a special team of people to support you in your transformation. The best, and maybe the most potentially supportive people to surround yourself with is people who are living the lifestyle you strive to live. “Interacting with those who are already where you want to be, learning from them and adopting their vision makes it easier to become who you want to be.”


There are 3 main reasons why a team is helpful in your transformation:

1. Accountability 
We’ve touched on this a bit already and I think we already know that when we are accountable to someone else, we are more likely to be successful. When you have someone you can declare your promises to, you have the best chance of keeping those promises to yourself. Silent promises are much easier to break.

The other main thing about accountability, is that when we ask someone to be on our team, we need to ask them to hold us to the promises we make.

2. Motivation 
“The praise and encouragement your tribe gives you are like rocket fuel for your transformation. When people on your team tell you how well they think you’re doing, how good you look now that you’re losing weight, you want to do more and go farther – not just for yourself, but for them. That’s motivation.”

3. Healing 
When you confess to someone on your team, their support will make sure that you fall without failing. they can also help you with reassessing, provide encouragement, and be there for you. Their belief in you will help you heal when you fall and their support makes it so much easier to get back up and move forward. It is crucial to have people on our team that will support us when we confess our slip-ups. But unless we tell our team what kind of support we need from them, they simply won’t know. So, when you ask someone to be on your team, it’s a good idea to tell them that a simple “thank you” or “hbow can I help you?” is all you need. (or whatever that looks like to you)

Picking your team 
Chris has two more useful questionnaires to help you choose the right people for your team. When you find some potential supporters, ask yourself the following:

1. Do I trust them wholeheartedly?
2. Do I feel comfortable telling them anything?
3. Am I certain that they won’t judge me or chew me out if I fall?
4. Can I confess to them again and again, knowing that they’ll always thank me for my honesty?

But where do I find these potential people? Here’s another questionnaire that can help you. Perhaps you’ll find someone who needs their own team of people and you can help each other!

My goal is:

What are the emotional, physical, and lifestyle characteristics of a person who has achieved this goal?

What do I need to change about myself or my life to become this person?

Who do I know who’s achieved my goal? Who’s currently pursuing my goal or one like it?

Does each of them have a positive attitude? Would each of the be a good cheerleader for me?

Who will I ask right now to be a member of my support team?

Where might I meet other people who have achieved or are currently pursuing my goal (gym, health food store, hobby, club, etc.?)

What websites or online communities might connect me with these like-minded people?

Which three places will I go to first to start meeting people who might belong on my support team?

You can find lots of support right here at Iron Clad, whether it’s me or one of our members! I can also help facilitate the team-making, if you need help reaching out.

You can also get support through Chris Powell’s website and social media:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this special transformation series, and I hope it’s inspired you in some way no matter what your goals are.

Go forth and transform!