Last week, I shared with you Chris Powell’s first secret of transformation. In case you missed it, it’s Believe In Yourself and you can read about it here. 

The second secret resonated with me the most…

Promises rainbow

Keep your promises…TO YOURSELF. The cliff notes version of this is to make one promise to yourself, every day, that is based on a healthy habit. 

We all have the integrity to honor our word, so when we make a promise, we want to keep it. But typically our promises are made to others and not to ourselves. Imagine the power we can have if we make one promise to ourselves each day and honor it with the same integrity as when the promise is made to someone else. The key is to make a realistic but important promise that we know we can keep, rather than inflated promises that are not attainable or realistic. These promises of healthy habits snowball and before we know it, we see PROGRESS
“Believe in yourself by making promises you can keep!”
Chris lists 101 examples of promises in the categories of food, body and mind. Here’s a few of each of these:
Food Promises – I Will:
  • Avoid drinks with refined sugar
  • Eat protein at every meal
  • Say no to fast food
Body Promises – I Will:
  • Exercise for 5 minutes a day
  • Exercise during TV commercials
  • Smoke one less cigarette each day
Mind Promises – I Will:
  • Look myself in the mirror every day and say, “I am worth it.”
  • Act, instead of thinking about acting
  • Use food to nourish my body, not mask my emotions
  • Say “I WILL” instead of “I want” and “I CAN” instead of “I can’t”

But what do we do if we don’t keep a promise to ourselves?

The answer to this very important fact of the transformation process will be revealed in Chris Powell’s 3rd secret of transformation…Fall Without Failing. But you’ll have until next week to find out.