Joan came to Iron Clad after several years of training with other instructors who use a bit of a different style of kettlebell training than what we do at Iron Clad. Joan was a real trooper when we started changing her kettlebell technique, giving her some different teaching cues than what she was used to.Joan-300x274

Joan has been working really hard on improving her technique and her strength. She has also been working really hard to improve her mobiliy, both with our mobility class as well as keeping up with it on her own at home.

Joan’s hard work is really paying off. Not only has her kettlebell technique improved, but she’s been getting really strong using heavier weights and going after an unassisted pull-up. She rarely misses a scheduled class and it’s her dedication to her training that is helping her realize so many wonderful improvements.

Joan also has a great sense of humor. When I asked her for a photo for this feature, she sent me an awesome picture from “when I was younger.”

We are honored to have Joan as a valued member of Iron Clad and we thank you for all of your hard work. Congratulations Joan!