Billy has been an Iron Clad member for almost a year. He came to Iron Clad with the goal to build muscle and put on some weight. That’s not always an easy task for men to do, but as you can see, he has been achieving this goal with lots of hard work.
He initially started taking kettlebell classes once per week. Billy loved the way he felt so much, he bumped that up to 3 kettlebell classes per week and his results started to skyrocket. Not only is Billy building muscle and some size, he’s also seeing changes in his posture and he’s getting a lot stronger. There’s not stopping him now!

Aside from his hard work in the gym, Billy is a super sweet and funny guy who is well loved by our members. He’s often spotted skipping down the hallway or over to his locker, excited for how great he’s feeling after swinging kettlebells.

Congratulations Billy!