Jeff found Iron Clad during visits to Denver to visit his girlfriend (now wife) from Milwaukee. He loved being able to keep up with his kettlebell training when on the road. Jeff had been training with RKC Team Leader Nick Lynch since 2011, so he had a lot of experience and skill with kettlebells. When Jeff moved to Denver, it was a no-brainer for him to continue his love of kettlebell training with us and we are thrilled about that! Jeff has been a member of Iron Clad for about 18 months, and we are thrilled about that too!

At the time he moved here, Jeff had also already committed to going through the RKC workshop. He wanted to take his kettlebell training to a new level, and since he had been training for so long, he also wanted the personal challenge. Jeff worked really hard to prepare for the tough 3-day workshop, which took place back at his alma mater Superb Health in May 2015. He completely killed it and passed all the tests with flying colors!

Jeff is one strong dude – having done a 40 kg Turkish Get Up, lots of beast swings, and all kinds of other crazy feats of strength. And he’s a really nice guy too; Jeff always has a smile on his face, he is so friendly with everyone who comes through our door and he genuinely cares about people.

Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations Jeff!

(and thank you also for a wonderful testimonial)