This month’s Member of the Month is bittersweet. We are celebrating Sarah’s nearly 4 years with Iron Clad as we also bid her a very fond farewell.

Sarah is a fellow Philly hometown girl, so we instantly connected. She has been training with kettlebells for as long as I have, had earned her RKC and helped run a kettlebell business back in PA. After Sarah moved to the Denver area, she tried some other gyms near her but nothing resonated with her the way her kettlebell workouts had. That’s when she found Iron Clad and we are so glad she did. Sarah has been a source of inspiration for many Iron Clad members. The sole fact that Sarah commuted from Golden was plenty in and of itself! I can’t count the times I’d hear her encouraging other members to do more, to keep going, or to do something they were unsure about. Sarah is also very skilled and strong in her own right, and has always given her kettlebell  training the focus and attention to detail required to keep getting better.

Sarah is passionate not only about good, quality food but also about sustainable and local food sources. Since moving to Denver and meeting the man who will soon be her husband, Sarah has dreamed about opening a restaurant in the mountains. We had many conversations about Sarah wanting to take the plunge and leave her full time job as I once did. Well, Sarah’s dream is now a reality! She and her almost-husband Chris have started their own restaurant, called The Shaggy Sheep, in Grant, Colorado. I couldn’t be happier for Sarah and Chris on taking the plunge in this business venture! However, the bad news for Iron Clad is that July is Sarah’s last month with Iron Clad.

So while I’m incredibly sad to bid a fond farewell to Sarah, I can’t be happier for her and Chris, and their whole new future together. Please join me in congratulating Sarah on her wedding and her new business venture.

Stay tuned, because we are going to plan a little Iron Clad field trip out to The Shaggy Sheep! In the meantime, you can check them out at 50455 U.S. 285, Grant, Colorado, 80448. Their target opening is mid-July and you can check out their website soon at