I first want to start by stating that this post is not intended to be about politics or religion. I am not writing this in an effort to argue or discuss any such issues.

The recent mass shooting in Orlando started me thinking about all the clients I serve and have served.

I have clients who are type 1 diabetic, suffering from depression, cancer survivors, and have MS. Clients who are young, old, thin, overweight, lifelong athletes, and never exercised before joining Iron Clad.

I have clients who are straight and clients who are gay. Clients who are Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Mormon and Muslim. Clients who are white, Black, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic. Clients from the U.S., Africa, Mexico, Greece, and Iraq.

Our motto is that we welcome people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds to redefine their fitness and we mean it. The color of your skin does not matter to me. Which god you choose to worship (if any at all) does not matter to me. Who you choose to love does not matter to me. It does not matter to me WHAT you are. What does matter to me is WHO you are, and I care about why you chose to come here.

If you are committed to getting strong or staying strong, then I would love to help you achieve that. If you believe that kettlebell training can and will help you achieve your health and fitness goals, then we would love to show you how it has helped each and every one of us.

Once you step foot through our door at Iron Clad, we are all the same. This vast and wonderful melting pot of our members may come from different places and may have different specific goals, but in the absolute fundamental reasons why we are here, we are all the same and we have a shared purpose.

We are united in our quest for gaining or maintaining our best health. We are united in our love of kettlebell training. We are united in our existing or new-found love of fitness. We are united in the mindfully focused training and the precise technique we practice.

We are united in having a community where we can train with fun and friendly people; people who welcome us AS WE ARE and become our fitness family.

We are all the same. We are united in Iron.