This month we are celebrating 2 of our members, Shane and Liv. Both of these ladies decided to accept the challenge of taking their kettlebell practice to a new level when they signed up to attend the RKC certification workshop that took place September 16-18 at Iron Clad.

Earning your RKC is a big commitment because it is an extremely active and physically demanding course. You must train hard in order to pass the stringent and difficult tests, yet smart in order to learn how to maintain technique under fatigue and avoid injury. You also have to keep an open mind and be coachable, because the RKC gets into fine details with the kettlebell technique we teach.

The RKC has weight and age classes that determine the kettlebell size you use for the physical tests. The snatch test requires you to do 100 repetitions in 5 minutes for anyone under 65. People 65 and older do 50 snatches in 3 minutes. The technique tests are the Turkish Get Up, Press, Squat, Swing, Clean and Snatch (otherwise known as “the big 6”) and we have specific technique criteria to meet in order to pass. There is also a teaching test, so that we can make sure we are producing the best instructors.

 Shane and Liv really stepped up to the challenge and focused their kettlebell training on improving their technique while building strength and endurance. They were very prepared when they walked in that first day, yet they kept an open mind for more technique tweaks and corrections, while still allowing themselves to just have fun in the experience. That is not an easy task either! They soaked in every bit of what was taught by Master RKC Keira Newton as well as all of the corrections from the assistant instructors and the participants. They kept their spirits high and their attitudes positive, even when their bodies were tired and talking back to them. They continued to work hard but smart through the long 3 day course.

It is not uncommon for the RKC to have a high failure rate. All participants have the opportunity to re-test any skill(s) they didn’t pass at the course within 90 days. Out of 9 participants, Liv and Shane were 2 of just 3 people who passed at the course.

I am so extremely proud of these two ladies! Congratulations Shane and Liv!