Our November Member of the Month is Amy!

It had been about 4 years since Amy had done any strength training but she knew that in the past it helped her better enjoy running, hiking, biking and skiing. As a Colorado native, Amy has a deep love of things that connect her to the mountains. She had been feeling some ill effects in these activities, so she knew she needed to get back to strength training in order to feel great again.

Amy came to Iron Clad 6 months ago, having never heard of kettlebells. She was looking for a small and friendly gym near her where she could pursue strength training again. She was intrigued by the idea of kettlebell training and we checked all the boxes on her wish list, so we’re thrilled to have her as a member! While I want to share all of her kettlebell accomplishments in her short time with us, this story actually takes a different turn.

When I met Amy, she instantly seemed like a breath of fresh air to me. She looks at everything in a positive light and with sincere gratitude for everything and everyone in her life. If you’ve been around her even a little bit, you’ve certainly had her wish you a Terrific Tuesday or a Thankful Thursday. I had to know more about this, so when I chose her as our Member of the Month, I asked her if she would mind sharing more with me and all of you. It was purely a coincidence (or subconscious?) that I chose Amy during this month of giving thanks.

In 2010, Amy’s life was turned upside down with 2 major life events in both her work and personal world. Instead of going into a negative space with all of these changes in her life, she embarked on a personal journey to learn about herself and her spiritual connections. She calls it her consciousness journey. This journey opened her mind to all sorts of things related to gratitude, positivity and mindfulness. She took it a step further in 2011 and chose a focus word for the year rather than making resolutions. (We all know how easy they are to break!) That first year her word was wellness and she consciously chose things in her life that brought her wellness. This year her word is inward, so she looks inward for her answers and guidance. I can’t wait to hear what next year’s word will be! I think we can all learn a lot from Amy’s story and I hold a lot of gratitude to Amy for her allowing me to share this in such a public way. I hope you feel as inspired by Amy as I was!

Congratulations Amy!