Julie is kicking off the new year of celebrating our members!

I met Julie through a networking group and she first came to Iron Clad in April for some nutrition coaching. Julie had lost 75 lbs on her own! But her weight loss had stalled a bit and she was having some GI issues she wanted to try to resolve naturally. Knowing I had done the same, Julie put her trust in me to help her on her way.

Julie impressed me from the start with her consistency. As many of you already know, I follow the Precision Nutrition approach of making 1 small change at a time. Julie embraced the process yet she did even more than I asked of her. She was making some great progress with her goals, including resolving many of her GI symptoms and starting to lose weight again.

I was thrilled when just 2 months later, Julie wanted to talk to me about starting kettlebell training. I knew that would help her even more with achieving her goals, and my passion for women doing some method of strength training is no secret either. Due to some other medical needs, Julie started out in kettlebell class with some modifications, primarily doing deadlifts in place of kettlebell swings. Again, Julie was so consistent with coming to class and she built up a lot of strength very quickly. Before we knew it, she was learning to swing those kettlebells with the rest of us.

It’s been really fun to watch Julie make so much progress in such a short amount of time. She is very dedicated to improving her health and it shows. She still has some goals she wants to achieve with her health and fitness, but I have no doubt that she’ll get there very soon.

Congratulations Julie!