Ken is our Member of the Month for April and he has a very inspirational story. Ken came to Iron Clad after losing 85 lbs in another fitness and nutrition program. His progress had stalled but he had taken some kettlebell classes in the past and really enjoyed them, so he wanted to change things up and get back to kettlebells. Ken was/is determined and committed to make a permanent lifestyle change to one where he is healthy and fit; able to be more engaged with his family, and enjoying all kinds of activities that this wonderful state has to offer.

Ken had a knee replacement and has some limited mobility that affects his range of motion in certain exercises he performs. He realizes how immobility can play a huge part in his overall success and with strength building so he is putting in the work to improve in that area as well. It’s paying off because you should see the difference in his squat from when he first started!

Ken’s determination is quite apparent in class. He’s been faced with some challenges that would make many people want to quit. But giving up is no longer part of his vocabulary! He may struggle with certain exercises, but he just shakes it off and gets right back to it to make his next rep better. His focus on his body and how he moves has improved dramatically and he literally gets better each week. He’s also not deterred by small areas of progress. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He celebrates each small success he has, knowing that each one will cumulatively create a bigger success.

The self-discovery process that goes along with our nutrition program is displaying other wonderful areas of progress as well. When asked what he is most proud of in the last couple of weeks, he talked about an issue he’s having during his workouts and said, “in the past that would give me an excuse to stop, now I am trying to manage it and still showing up. Not letting the speed bump turn into a mountain and stop my progress – that is what I am most proud of.” It’s like he’s the textbook model for positivity and finding progress in all aspects of the journey! He’s also the epitome of commitment and I have no doubt that he will get through any obstacle and meet every goal. I’m proud to be a part of his journey.

Congratulations Ken!