We are celebrating Tim as our July Member of the Month!

Tim came to Iron Clad a year ago with some prior kettlebell experience from a good trainer, but one who was not RKC certified. A friend of Tim’s in Chicago stressed the importance of learning from someone certified specifically in kettlebell training, and helped Tim find Iron Clad!

We’re so thankful for that because Tim has been such a fun addition to our 6 am crew. I don’t know what it is about the 6 am folks, but man they are all very cheery that early in the morning! Tim had a good foundation to start with but we did have to make some technique tweaks. Tim is very athletic and he caught on to the Russian hardstyle technique very easily. He quickly advanced to learning the snatch and double kettlebell drills. As you can see from his photo, Tim has a beautiful deep squat.

Tim has a lot of experience with yoga and is one of the most impressively flexible men I have taught. Tim is a great example of how being mobile can enhance your strength and his dedication to flexibility is what allows him to achieve all of these things.

Tim has a history of some back problems but his consistency with training is giving him improvements in that area as well. He used to have a flare-up about 4 times each year no matter what he did. Since he started kettlebell training, his flare-ups are less frequent and don’t last as long!

When Tim isn’t at Iron Clad at the crack of dawn, he is playing tennis, cycling or spending time doing fun and active things with his wife and kids.

Congratulations Tim!