Our August Member of the Month is John!! John is quite an inspiration for so many reasons. He started at Iron Clad on December 27 rather than waiting for the first of the year. I always love when someone has a “do it now” kind of attitude!

9 years ago John lost 70 lbs on his own and took up running during this time. John’s acupuncturist recommended kettlebells to him to help him develop some core strength, and gave him Pavel’s Simple and Sinister book. John got to work with learning kettlebells on his own. Then John hurt his back after his 8th marathon, and he realized that some formal training from a certified instructor would be the best way to ensure this didn’t happen again. (and it hasn’t!)

Before contacting me, John had looked at another kettlebell gym but it seemed “big and mean” to him. Iron Clad, on the other hand, seemed like a natural fit because he was drawn to the smaller kettlebell classes, our attention to technique and our inclusive, friendly culture. John also felt like he could really relate to me since I had overcome weight and back problems with kettlebells.

John had an old shoulder injury that he kept re-injuring. He was naturally hesitant in the beginning with the overhead work we do. But that shoulder is feeling stronger and more stable than ever. John always wanted to feel stronger and he is now able to see just how strong he can be. Now, he’s focused on “where can I go from here?” John still enjoys his runs, but he’s also really enjoying this new-found strength so his running sometimes takes a little bit of a backseat to coming to class more often. (or he can often be seen finishing a few miles before class)

What a great segue into telling you that John has been traveling from Central City 3 times a week to attend kettlebell classes! John is the music director and a conductor for the Central City Opera, so he spends his summers in Central City. I have to admit, when John started I expected him to take a break for the summer until he was back in town again. But he loves our classes and the feeling of accomplishment so much that he renewed for a year. The payoff is worth it, so John is committed to just keep going!

Congratulations on all of your hard work, John!!