Laura is our September Member of the Month! Laura started using kettlebells on her own, following one of my fitness inspirations, Neghar Fonooni. In January, she decided it was best to get some formal training, to make sure she was doing things properly and to help give her some training guidance and accountability.

My favorite line from Laura is “I love kettlebells. I think I was doing kettlebells in another life.”

Laura was able to quickly make a lot of improvements to her technique, and she saw her strength sky-rocket as a result. Outside of the gym, Laura has been playing volleyball in some capacity since high school and she also enjoys regular games of tennis and golf.

Laura knew all along that someday she would take on the enrichment and personal challenge of the RKC workshop. That day is approaching, as Laura will participate in the Denver RKC, with none other than the legendary Dan John, right here at Iron Clad on September 15. I’m always proud of my members that take on this challenge, so Laura is certainly no exception. But there’s a little more to this story.

Laura has faced some challenges with her training, mostly with her work getting in the way of her being able to train in the way that she wants. Laura talked with her employer and told them how important this event is to her. They are supportive of this endeavor and the boundaries she set so that she could get back to attending class regularly.

There often comes a point where someone considers postponing their trip to the RKC. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do and other times it’s not necessary. Laura and I talked about this and Laura decided to just keep trucking ahead and let the cards fall as they may. I felt it was important for Laura to be on her “home turf” for the cert and I also felt that her skills and strength were right where she needed to be. If there is a skill or test she doesn’t pass, she can always re-test with me within 90 days of her certification. So Laura will soon earn the prestigious RKC letters behind her name.

Laura has a practice of setting daily intentions. I love the mindfulness of this practice, and I think it complements the mindfulness of our kettlebell training so beautifully. I’m sure Laura is going to set the intention each day of the RKC to do her best and learn as much as she can. That’s all her coach could ever ask of her, and I’m sure she’s going to have an amazing experience and she will rock it!

Congratulations Laura!!