We’re celebrating Dan as our October Member of the Month! Dan has been a member at Iron Clad since January. He came here looking for something different, after having tried CrossFit and some other fitness methods. Dan’s co-worker Tim (our July MOM) had been singing the praises of his kettlebell gym and Dan decided to come check it out. After our initial consultation, Dan was sold on all of the benefits and took the plunge to join for a year!

One of the things that appealed to Dan was all the ways kettlebell training could help improve his cycling. Dan is an avid cyclist. He does all kinds of crazy rides, like the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, a 7-day ride across the state to the tune of over 450 miles, the century option of Elephant Rock, the Triple Bypass and more. He even planned for the double-triple version of the Triple Bypass this year. (the ride was canceled this year due to our forest fires, though)

Dan has gotten really strong and really skilled in his kettlebell practice over the last 9 months and he has a really strong interest in making sure he is always improving his technique. And sure enough, kettlebell training has improved his cycling. Dan has experienced more effortless climbing and more ease in riding longer distances. Dan has a friendly competition with Tim that I think helps push him to achieve more. But Dan is just a really friendly guy regardless. He’s another always-cheery, smiling face in our regular 6 am crew. Dan just decided to take his training to a new level by tackling the prestigious RKC certification next year.

“No matter what’s going on in my life the highlight of my week, every week, is attending a kettlebell class (or two, or three).  I absolutely love it.  Without question, I know I’m going to get a great workout with awesome people and have a great time!  Kettlebell training has certainly helped with cycling, I’m able to recover faster, go further AND bike a lot faster.  The other area I’ve seen a huge benefit from KB is I’ve recently started training jiu-jitsu. All of my professors/coaches are impressed with my strength and athleticism. I attribute all of this to Iron Clad Fitness! Honestly, I can’t thank Shari enough for being such an amazing coach. This has changed my life. Bring on RKC!” 

We can’t wait to celebrate your RKC success. Congratulations Dan!