These are trained professionals; please do not try this at home!

We have another big anniversary to celebrate. Our dynamic duo, Shane and Steve, are celebrating their 5 YEAR anniversary with Iron Clad!

Shane and Steve inspire so many of the people who walk through our doors. Their kettlebell technique is really solid, but they are still always striving to improve it. They are dedicated to keeping fit, active and healthy. Steve works a physical job as a contractor with his own business. Shane is now enjoying her retirement but she keeps active outside the gym by running, skiing, hiking, practicing her kettlebell technique on her own, and more. Shane also treated herself to both the HKC and the RKC kettlebell certifications after she retired.

“For me, the kettlebell is the perfect tool for mobility, flexibility, cardio and strength training. It has served as excellent cross training for enhancing my running and backcountry skiing and I have seen a vast improvement in my left shoulder mobility over these past couple years. I enjoy the smaller group classes, the variety of workout sessions, great instruction and comradery that Iron Clad Fitness provides. Thanks, Shari!”

Shane and Steve have been a regular fixture in our 6 AM classes since we started offering that time slot 5 years ago. They are like the post office motto; “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor [the crack of dawn] stays these [kettlebellers] from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. Other than their adventure vacations or the occasional illness, they have hardly missed a class in 5 years. They are textbook examples of the benefits of consistency.

Steve has a fun little ritual with our popular swing finishers where he does extra reps on the last round. It’s kind of like the “and one for good luck” kind of thing. “For me, Iron Wake Up Call is a great way to start the day.  It is something that Shane and I can do together to have fun and keep in shape. The workouts you provide are always fresh and fun and after five years of kettlebell instruction, we are still learning new techniques.  And enjoying it!”

Shane and Steve are truly two of the nicest people you’ll meet and they have genuine and kind hearts. I am so proud and truly honored to have them as such long-standing members. Congratulations on all of your successes, Shane and Steve!