This month we’re celebrating Steve as our Member of the Month! Steve is celebrating one year at Iron Clad and we are thrilled to have him renew for another year. Steve started using kettlebells on his own, with his girlfriend (and Sept 2017 MOM) Laura. They understood the importance of proper technique and decided to seek out some professional training for technical guidance and accountability. 

Steve quickly advanced his kettlebell technique and was at a steady pace with gaining strength as well. Then he severely sprained his ankle and that kept him away from the gym for a few months. They say a severe sprain can take longer to heal than an actual break! It can be really challenging to get back to a regular gym routine after something like that disrupts your flow. So I’ve really got to give Steve some extra praise for getting back to his regular kettlebell class routine as soon as he was physically able to do so! On the one hand, he didn’t miss a beat. On the other hand, he had to dial back and take it easy at first. But in just a couple of weeks, he started getting his strength and kettlebell mojo back.

When Steve isn’t playing with kettlebells, he is a very accomplished golfer. In fact, he’s been playing since he was 5 and still plays at a relatively high level. He also plays on a volleyball league (the ankle culprit) and he also loves to play tennis.

“Working out with kettlebells consistently, and more specifically at Iron Clad, I have seen marked improvements in my strength and mobility, which has translated well into my sporting life (golf, volleyball, and tennis). It really energizes me to continue and keep improving with kettlebells, and then seeing that flow into my athletic endeavors as well! And it’s cool that Laura and I do this together and enjoy successes together (especially her with RKC), makes the kettlebell experience that much better!”

Congratulations on all of your hard work, Steve!!