We’re celebrating Tracy in April as our Member of the Month! Tracy is a new-ish member of Iron Clad; she started last July. Tracy was looking for something new in her fitness routine and she was intrigued by what kettlebell training had to offer. Tracy loves running, cycling and swimming, whether separately or together in triathlons. She loved hearing how kettlebell training improved your performance in the sports you do outside of Iron Clad and she was sold after just one class.

Tracy really embodies what we stand for at Iron Clad. She’s friendly and welcoming to everyone, and she’s always upbeat and positive. She loves the community aspect we have created, and Tracy is also my number one fan of Theme Nights! She loves that we do fun and silly things and she’s always open to trying new things. But all of that fun-loving doesn’t take away from her attention to her kettlebell technique. Tracy is always working to make her technique better and better, so she can get stronger.

Tracy recently had a problem with her hip, but she didn’t let that stop her. She continued to come to class, omitting the exercises that bothered her hip, while working on supportive exercises that helped it. This experience has actually helped improve Tracy’s technique because she is being more mindful in her movements in order to support her body.

When she’s not at Iron Clad, and not cycling, running or swimming, Tracy loves to spend her time knitting, hiking, hanging with her dogs, going to speak easy’s and all kinds of other fun things. She used to ride dirt bikes and motorcycles too. 

“Iron Clad fitness has changed me in so many ways. What I have appreciated the most is the nutrition coaching. I’ve always tried to eat healthy but the nutrition program has changed the way I look at food. I am now eating to live, nourish and fuel for my workouts. With kettlebell training, it’s so important to me because I have a busy life of managing my own hair salon, 3 dogs, one of which is special needs right now with physical therapy and surgery. Also, maintaining my home and supporting my husband with his new business. I don’t have much time to work out and kettlebell training is fun, fast and effective! It makes me feel so strong!”

Congratulations on all of your hard work, Tracy!