We’re celebrating Beth as our July Member of the Month! I felt an instant connection with Beth when I met her at my wonderful women’s connection group, Polka Dot Powerhouse. Beth has a really calming energy about her that I felt drawn to. Beth then shared with me her sweet story of having recently found her biological family through ancestry testing.

“When I first met Shari, I had just found my biological family and learned that I’m genetically predisposed to mobility issues. It had been several years since I had been committed to any kind of fitness program and my wakeup call had arrived!”

I am so impressed at how Beth took the information she gained and started making some really informed decisions to fight back against her genetics and current aches and pains. I was thrilled when Beth told me she wanted to join Iron Clad as part of that plan.

Beth has been working really hard to make changes to improve her health and lifestyle and it shows.”I had never lifted a kettlebell in my life. Who knew it was a whole body workout? In a little more than two months, I feel stronger, my energy and stamina are through the roof, I’ve lost weight, and I feel well on the way to long-term fitness.” Beth is also making some really great strides with her kettlebell technique. Beth started slowly in class and kettlebell swings were out of the question until she built a nice base of strength to protect her joints. Beth’s consistency and dedication allowed her to quickly build enough strength to make it safe to start swinging and more. Part of this dedication involves doing a few at-home exercises to help support what we do in the gym. If I give her homework, she does it. It’s also very common to show her something and have her say, “I’ll work on that at home.”

Beth is a successful realtor and artist, so running 2 businesses can be a challenge with scheduling. But Beth is really consistent with her training, making sure she comes to class a minimum of 2 times per week on busy weeks and 3 times per week otherwise. She does her nutrition lessons just as consistently and she has a very supportive group of friends and family to help her on her journey.

Beth identified her priorities and the things that were most important to her and she has taken action to remove some of the things that would be roadblocks to achieving her goals. She has been laser-focused on setting the boundaries she needs in order to get what she wants and I have no doubt she will meet every goal she has set for herself.

“The classes are fun, the gym is well equipped, and Shari is an expert and a professional! When the student is ready the teacher will appear; I’m so glad I met Shari and gave this a shot.”

Congratulations on having such a strong start, Beth!