Last month you got a sneak peek that Steve is celebrating 6 YEARS at Iron Clad!!! In the past, I’ve highlighted Steve and Shane together as the great team they are, but this time we’re celebrating them separately.

Steve has been active his whole life; climbing trees as a toddler, lifting weights in high school and college and then being an avid mountaineer. Steve starting having some problems with his shoulder and elbow from weightlifting and had to give it up in his early 20’s. Steve first learned about kettlebells through Shane’s sister in MN and was excited to find a local kettlebell gym. He loves that the kettlebell training movements can help him build muscle and stay strong without aggravating these old injuries. A man of many words, Steve had this to say about kettlebell class: “I keep coming to Iron Clad and kettlebells because the exercises don’t affect my shoulders and elbow like traditional weightlifting does. It’s good, it keeps you loose.” He also likes that the traditional kettlebell movements are varied and different from traditional weightlifting. And as you can see from this press, he is very strong!

While Steve has some impressive accomplishments in kettlebell class, Steve also has some very impressive accomplishments on the mountaineering side of things. In 1987 he attempted to climb Pik Kommunizma (24,590 feet!) in the former Soviet Union but got knocked out due to weather. The biggest mountain he and Shane have climbed is Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains in Argentina, elevation 22,841, on a self-led trip with a group of mountaineering friends.

When Steve isn’t playing with kettlebells, running or climbing mountains, he is working an active job as a highly sought-after a general contractor. Steve started his business in his early 20’s and has really rolled with the times. He started out building houses and that continued until the housing bust. Then he shifted to more of a remodeling business and has been going strong ever since. He’s got some great stories to tell about some high-end remodeling jobs he’s done!

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, Steve!!