While I love kettlebell training and lifting weights, I also really love workout options that you can do anywhere, regardless of equipment. These workouts are great to take with you when you are traveling, for at-home workouts when you don’t have any equipment, if you want to take your workout outside, or if you just want to change things up from your regular routine. 

These workouts are appropriate for people of all ability levels. They can easily be modified for everyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned trainee.

I am also a fan of simplicity in workouts. Just like how you don’t need lots of fancy equipment to get in a great workout, you also don’t need complicated workouts. You will still get your heart pumping while you get some quality strength work, using just your body in some basic but very effective movements. The only “equipment” you’ll need for this challenge is a door and a box, bench, chair, table or some other kind of sturdy surface (you’ll see why soon enough). I’m pretty sure everyone has those.