We don’t do things the ordinary way around here. We strive to make improvements in HOW we move and HOW we perform. We focus on getting stronger by using proper exercise technique and we use specialty exercises to help the body function better. That is the reason for the unique title of this 30-Day program.

A pushup is a moving plank. It really is that simple. Simple isn’t always easy, though! That’s why you need to know and do various different strength and stability exercises that can help you improve your pushup technique and turn it into that moving plank.

The 30-Day Not-Your-Average-Pushup-Challenge Challenge is designed to teach you how to improve your strength and stability so that you can improve your pushup technique. In my opinion, no one should ever go their entire life unable to do a proper pushup! It’s VERY attainable with the right tools to help get you there.

Results you might get from doing the 30-Day Not-Your-Average-Pushup-Challenge Challenge:

  • Better posture
  • Stronger shoulders, core, and back
  • Being able to do proper pushups
  • Ability to do more repetitions and advanced exercise variations
  • More confidence
  • Sense of accomplishment
What you get with this challenge:
  • Quick daily workouts for 30 days (10-15 min each) with instructions on how to do each workout
  • Daily strength and stability drills to help you improve your pushup technique, posture, and strength
  • Technique videos for every exercise prescribed for each day’s workout
  • Instructions to modify things if you aren’t yet ready for the progressions, or to meet your needs
  • Ways to measure your progress
  • Lifetime access to the program
Equipment you need to do this challenge:
  • Your body
  • A mini band and a super band (info is included in Day 1)
  • A dumbbell or kettlebell (nothing crazy in terms of weight)
  • Yoga blocks or something that can serve as a substitute, like books
  • Yoga mat or some kind of softer surface
  • A bench, or a chair, or a coffee table, or something on which you can elevate your hands

*Because this is a digital product that you have immediate access to, this product is not eligible for refunds.