30-Day Get Up Strong Program




The Turkish Get Up builds a ton of full-body strength, mobility, and stability, all in one exercise. TGU’s are also a longevity-builder because they teach you how to effectively get your body up off the floor. TGU’s help you discover and correct movement asymmetries, which helps you perform better in everything else you do. Your potential for strength in this exercise is unlimited.

Results you might get from doing the 30-Day Get Up Strong program:

  • Stronger shoulders, core, back, butt, hips, legs
  • Core, shoulder, and hip stability
  • Better posture
  • Better joint mobility
  • Ability to get up off the floor with strength and ease
  • More confidence
  • Sense of accomplishment
The videos and technique instruction are great!
What you get with this program:
  • An online portal for quick access to the whole program
  • Quick daily workouts for 30 days (10-15 min each) with instructions on how to do each workout
  • Daily strength and stability drills to help you improve your Turkish Get Up technique, posture, and strength
  • Technique videos for every exercise prescribed for each day’s workout
  • Instructions to modify things if you aren’t yet ready for the progressions
  • Ways to measure your progress
  • Lifetime access to the program

**You will have access to the program within 12 hours of purchase, if not sooner.

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